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Read it and Weep

Dec 12, 2013

You remember that time you were in high school and you were miserable? Want to hear an adult try to remember that but end up sounding more like a puppy than a human child? Want to hear a long list of songs somebody in 1991 might have listened to? Then you need to read Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Perks is a novel written as a series of "letters" from a kid who just doesn't get high school. He's sad all the time because of reasons (to be explained later) and he deals with that sadness by having friends, listening to music, doing drugs, and reading books his teacher gives him outside of class. And talking like no kid has ever talked. You, the reader, are put in the awkward position of a kid receiving these letters who definitely didn't ask for them.

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