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Read it and Weep

Oct 24, 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to assume a book called Bone Season would be about sex, Samantha Shannon shows up and disappoints you.

Not that The Bone Season is bad as such, it's just really not what you'd expect from the title alone. And if you've read any young adult fantasy recently, it's exactly what you'd expect. Girl, magic powers, hot but emotionally distant man, clumsy for no reason, extremely complicated future. It's all of those, but surprisingly readable.

The first book in what will surely be a 1,000 book series, follows Paige, a "dream walker" (clairvoyant who can pass out and tickle your subconscious at the same time) as she gets taken to clairvoyant prison. Her captor is ghost/angel/zombie who feeds on her blood but generally treats her well. His fiance is a jerk and wants to murder Paige. Eventually she sortof escapes but simultaneously creates 200 plots to be solved later.

If you're in the mood for not very much boning, but you love the idea of a tarot card reader in battle, then you should read The Bone Season.