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Read it and Weep

Dec 12, 2017

It's the holiday season again (and a happy Grizzmass to you!), and this year we took our first swing at celebrating Hanukkah. Well, it turns out there aren't a lot of great Hanukkah movies, as we discovered when we watched the Adam Sandler animated film Eight Crazy Nights. Not only is it a terrible film with strong racist and transphobic tendencies, it's also not about Hanukkah at all. Oops.

ECN follows the standard Sandler unlikable sad sack as he makes unbearable down-punching jokes and half-ass songs. It's incidentally Hanukkah, but that's not nearly as important as making fun of seizures. The only really good thing is it's a brief 76 minutes long.

Thanks to Nora for becoming a Meat Buddy this week! You're a great mom.

Also sorry we didn't talk more about pot this week.