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Read it and Weep

Apr 26, 2012

My Little Pony raises some difficult questions.  Why are some ponies magical unicorns, others are flying Pegasuses, and some are just small horses?  Why does the princess unicorn get to decide where everybody lives and what they do for a living?  Why do they keep baby dragons as slaves?  Because they're ponies, is the only answer, and pony life isn't fair.

It's not all bad in Ponyville, however.  Every day is a holiday; there are more feasts and parties than residents.  And every 22 minutes, all the problems of the day have been solved, no matter what.  Sure, some of the problems don't make much sense, like ponies having to clear out winter while raccoons and squirrels get to sleep in their dens.  But there's always a solution to be found and a lesson to be learned, even if that lesson is "I'm so glad I'm not a pony."

Despite its flaws, there is a certain charm to My Little Pony. It's sincere, cute, and occasionally funny.  One of the main characters is dumb as manure, and that's always fun.  There's a foppish river dragon with half a mustache.  It's fine.  It's not good as good as you'd expect, given the fact that everypony on the Internet has a poner for it, but it's a pleasant ride.