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Read it and Weep

Nov 19, 2014

In the final installment of the Hunger Games trilogy (of books, all movie trilogies are now 15 episodes long), Suzanne Collins brings the revolution in for a landing. But it's a rocky one if you're not a fan of weird politics, dumb leaders, and moping teenagers.

Mocking Jay features the climax of the revolution that our hero, Catniss, wasn't really involved in. And she continues to not be a big part in this one where she' basically a mascot for one of two incompetent leaders. The other side is using her ex boyfriend as their mascot and the entire war is fought by proxy with these two child figureheads. The side with giant lizard people and hovercraft loses and everything's fine, if you ignore a bit of PTSD.

It's fine, really. And at least it's over and we know the answer to "will they or won't they?" Now there are just a bunch of movies to watch.

Thanks to Emily and the Baroness Von Moneybags for becoming our newest Meat Buddies!