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Read it and Weep

Aug 9, 2012

In the future everything will be better.  Increased wealth from asteroid mining, increased access to information through brain implants, and increased fun with space water parks.  That is, unless you're a woman or non-white.  Then the future pretty much sucks for you.

The second half of "Live Free or Die" continues John Ringo's meandering manifesto about the free market economy, and continues his themes of racism and sexism.  A book of nearly a million pages, and not once is there a conversation between two women, err, sex objects.  Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are completely destroyed by a form of biological warfare that only kills people who don't look like John Ringo.  It's pretty bleak.

Fortunately, the surviving conservative white men have a dandy old time with their business ventures and giant laser beams.  Life is good, if you're the 1%.

We welcome back Science Fiction Expert and all around good dude, David Barr Kirtley who tells us what the SF world thinks of Mr. Ringo's book.