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Read it and Weep

Jan 3, 2014

Have you got problems at your restaurant? Well Gordon Ramsay is here to help. Well, he's here to yell at you and give you stuff, if that helps, great.

That's right, it's the American version of Kitchen Nightmares. Much like its British predecessor, the U.S. version features Ramsay going around to restaurants that are in dire straights and trying to fix them up. Unlike the British version, his swearing is beeped and he's got a ton of money to spend. So be prepared for some fake anger for the cameras and some expensive overnight renovations. Also be prepared for the restaurant to close soon after he leaves.

We dove into these four episodes (curated by Alex who is a huge fan).

  • s01e22 - Cafe 36
  • s02e02 - Flamangos
  • s03e12 - Capri
  • s05e16 - Amy's Baking Company

In the comments, let us know whether Kitchen Nightmares makes you think you could own a restaurant or not.