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Read it and Weep

Apr 3, 2014

Forever Knight is a TV show about a vampire cop that aired in Canada in the late 80s and early 90s. It's campy, silly, and awful, or in other words, perfect.

Knight stars Geraint Wyn Davies as a police detective in Toronto, except he's also a vampire with a heart of gold and a series of flashbacks built on the set that resembles a high school play. While he puts in his time before collecting a pension forever, he tries to become less of a vampire, battles with his nemesis, a self-help DJ, and pals around with his pal Detective Skanky. He solves crimes, but they seem pretty secondary to... well nothing really seems like the focus.

We watched episodes s01e09, s02e02,s02e15, and s3e10, which makes the show seem even more frantic. But as usual, it's 100% better than Twilight.