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Read it and Weep

Oct 19, 2012

If you have or like balls, do not read Daughter of the Blood. It's a fantasy book where women rule the world and, emboldened by their 30% pay raise, start chopping off some nuts.

Jeanelle is the young witch that has been foretold will rise to power in the dark world (which is called Hell but might not be that hell). Her family thinks she's crazy, but she makes powerfull friends like Saetan (who is the dark lord of Hell but isn't that Satan) who teach her the craft.

She also makes some powerful enemies like a couple of queens who I couldn't keep straight. The Jeanelle story sort of disappears for a while during which time a prostitute kills men who sleep with her (they're men, they deserve it) and the queens cut off men's balls for entertainment, 

It's sick, disgusting, filthy, offensive, and really confusing. Don't read it.