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Read it and Weep

Nov 21, 2012

IT'S FINALLY OVER!!! I can't tell you how excited I am that the Twilight Saga is over. Okay, I'll tell you. Very. I'm very excited the Twilight Saga is over. So excited I made a cartoon and a rap summarizing Breaking Dawn.

And barring Steph Meyer writing more books or the movies being rebooted or any number of other things, we're done forever. Now all we'll have to do is read all the fan fiction that's gotten turned into actual fiction. Sigh.

For the final installment, Summit Entertainment did a couple interesting things. First, they added a huge battle sequence that didn't happen in the book. Sure, it's just a dream battle sequence, but it's still awesome. Jasper's head gets ripped clean off. So great.

They also added a long, wedding-video-esque ending saying goodbye to all the actors. It's stupid, but it made the people in the theater cry, so that's fun.

Thanks for everybody who called to say goodbye to Twilight.