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Read it and Weep

Apr 13, 2016

If you ask a woman out and she says no, that's it. You don't keep sending her flowers every couple days, you don't spy on her from a tree, and--and I can't stress this enough--you don't surgically remove all her limbs and hold her hostage in your mansion. You just don't. It's super uncool.

But that's what Julian Sands does. Or at least, what it seems like he does until it turns out it was all a dream and we just wasted 90 minutes watching a movie about a thing that didn't even happen in the reality of the movie.

While the movie is a complete failure, there is something here. A metaphor, a feminist idea, a creepy horror film. There's something. It's just that the acting and the screenplay and the directing are all not up to the task they set for themselves. On the other hand, Bill Paxton wears leather pants and that's pretty fun.